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On The History Of Agnosticism

10.06.2011 · Posted in Philosophy

The history of agnosticism revolves around a single important event which is the turning point before it became accepted in society. The word agnostic was created by Thomas Henry Huxley who coined the word agnostic and openly declared it during the party of Metaphysical Society on one evening in 1869. Huxley considered himself a freethinker ...

A Short Robert G Ingersoll Biography

10.05.2011 · Posted in Philosophy

Robert G. Ingersoll was an orator, born in 1833, and served in the Civil War. Known as “The Great Agnostic” he was noted for his speeches given during the Golden Age of Freethought. Ingersoll spoke on a wide range of topics and frequently defended agnosticism, which was not well taken in those days, especially since ...

Interesting Carl Sagan Biography

10.04.2011 · Posted in Philosophy

Carl Sagan was born in 1934 in Brooklyn, New York. He was brought up in a liberal Jewish home where his parents were moderately religious, his mother more so than his father. This upbringing inspired Carl’s lifelong interest in the dichotomy of religion and science. Although many atheists consider Sagan an atheist he preferred to ...

The Powerful Enemies Could Stimulate You to Achieve Success

06.27.2011 · Posted in Philosophy

There was a long-distance running coach in Canada, who had trained several long-distance running champions in very short period. However, nobody believed that the secret of success lied on the magic training partner – a fierce wolf. He told people why to use wolf to train team members. From the beginning, the coach required his ...

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I Believe the Tide Will Come Back Again

06.25.2011 · Posted in Philosophy

There was an architect who was dedicated to become outstanding in his career. However, he came across the collapse accidents in a construction. Although he survived from the accident luckily, he lost two legs and could not stand up or walk any more. Every time he thought that he could not walk any more, he ...

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About Famous Greek Goddesses

06.06.2011 · Posted in Philosophy

If you have an interest in learning about classical mythology, a good place to start would be with the six Greek goddesses that ruled from atop Mt. Olympus. In ancient Greek mythology, the goddesses were in control of fertility, love, and nature. As with their male counterparts, they were thought to possess an immense wisdom, ...

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About Famous Greek Gods

06.06.2011 · Posted in Philosophy

In classical mythology, six male and six female Greek gods and goddesses ruled over the world from their home on Mt. Olympus. These twelve deities represented various aspects of life such as death, love, fertility, knowledge, and agriculture. Zeus was the king of the gods and the ultimate ruler of Mt. Olympus. He was the ...

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Information On Mayan Mythology

06.06.2011 · Posted in Philosophy

Mayan mythology is a subject that is fascinating and curious. The widespread beliefs of the ancient Maya people are still known today; in fact many people that have an interest in the hype that surrounds the year 2012 will have some knowledge of this fascinating culture. Unfortunately, only three original Maya texts have survived intact ...

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Important Mayan Gods

06.04.2011 · Posted in Philosophy

The ancient Maya people had a diverse pantheon of deities that were worshiped and often offered human blood. The rulers of the Maya believed that they were the direct descendants of Mayan gods and that blood was the ultimate sacrifice. The Maya’s vision of the cosmos is one that is split into various levels, both ...

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