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Natural Cure For Eczema – Become Eczema Free, The Natural Way!

05.20.2011 · Posted in Eczema

With a disease like eczema, there is little more a doctor can prescribe than some skin creams and ointments to help ease the condition. This often comes as little comfort to sufferers hoping for some kind of miracle cure. In the absence of this magic pill, we can look at the alternative option of a ...

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Eczema Natural Treatments – Going Further Than Conventional Medicine

05.18.2011 · Posted in Eczema

Because there is currently no known cure for the condition of eczema, natural treatments are often used either in conjunction with, or as a replacement for conventional therapy. The commonly prescribed corticosteroid creams, while often effective, only offer a short term solution to the problem. Prolonged use of these topical steroids can lead to side ...

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