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Personal Fitness Assessments and How They Are Used

08.31.2011 · Posted in Personal Training

When you first begin exercising with a personal trainer, the trailer will normally carry out a pre-fitness assessment with five major factors so that your personal goals can be assessed and identified and a suitable training programme carried out. This helps the trainer to understand your requirements and design a fitness program that will suit ...

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Your guide to the American Academy Health and Fitness (AAHF)

08.15.2011 · Posted in Personal Training

Over the years health and fitness has become a primary focus for most Americans. The American Academy Health and Fitness (AAHF) are a provider of continuing education home study courses as well as a provider of certifications for specialties for professionals in the health and fitness industry. These programs are research-based and available conveniently online ...

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Personal trainers and continuing education

08.03.2011 · Posted in Personal Training

Many certifications that are issued to professionals such as lawyers and doctors expire and need to be maintained. It is no different for personal trainers and a certain number of hours on continuing education need to be spent every two years to ensure that personal trainers are up to date with the latest techniques, technological ...

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Denver, CO | Kick Fit Training Programs

07.08.2011 · Posted in Personal Training

Health and fitness is becoming a prime importance for most Americans and people are taking extra efforts to stay fit and healthy. One of the ways they are achieving this is by engaging in fitness training like the kick fit training. The kick fit training programs try to combine the elements of kickboxing techniques into ...

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Growth Potential For Personal Training Business

06.26.2011 · Posted in Personal Training

Personal training is a widely sought-after career option. Considering the various benefits that include starting one’s own business, being one’s own boss and of course the potential to earn a good sum of money is attracting more and more people to take it up as a full-time career. If you have the right attitude and ...

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Personal Trainer | Potential Career Opportunities

06.03.2011 · Posted in Personal Training

Personal trainer is a highly sought-after profession these days. One of the reasons behind its popularity is that the income potential is limitless and is mostly dependent upon ones ambitious goals, imagination and drive. Many successful professional personal trainers, after gaining the required qualification needed to be a personal trainer, turn to writing books and ...

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Denver, CO | Options Available When Looking For Personal Training

05.28.2011 · Posted in Personal Training

Every personal training activity differs from person to person. Every individual is significantly different from the other in many ways and so are personal trainers. Finding the right trainer who will help you achieve your fitness goals is often a time consuming process that requires a closer look at what options are available to you. ...

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Metabolic Testing And How It Is Used By Personal Trainers

05.18.2011 · Posted in Personal Training

Every personal trainer will tell you the standard questions people ask when they visit them at their gym for the first time. “Why am I not seeing any results even though I exercise regularly?”, “Why does my weight go up even when I am on a strict diet?”, “How much cardio should I be doing?”, ...

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